Leak Detection Albany OR

Leak Detection Albany OR
If you suspect a plumbing leak somewhere in the system on your property, or if you know one exists but don’t know how to find it, Innovative Leak Detection is the company to call. We not only have the tools, technology, experience and training needed to locate any leak hidden on your property, but we can also provide you with the best local plumber referrals for the proper repairs that will be needed.

Our mission

To provide quality leak detection services and save you money. What money? The cost of a leaking water system on water bills, the cost of any damage leaking water can cause, and the potentially high cost of digging through your property, through walls, under concrete, sidewalks, driveways, etc. in search of an elusive pipe leak! We will find precisely where it is located and mark it clearly so it can be repaired efficiently.

Ground Fault Location

A hidden electrical wire short can create many of the same issues as a pipe leak. Finding the problem so it can be properly repaired can be impossible without the right equipment. We can provide the same type of locating services for these problems as we can for water leaks.

Plastic Pipe

These days plastic pipes are put to may different uses, including water systems, etc. But the materials they are constructed with cause them to elude conventional locating methods. Innovative Leak Detection has the specialized equipment needed to locate any plastic (or PVC) water pipe in home, building or property.

Private Utility Locating

A call to 811 will provide you with a free service to locate any utilities that may be waiting underground if you are planning on digging; That is, any utilities except those located under your “private” property beyond a service meter (This means anything past the meter). We can provide your home or business with an accurate and detailed private utility locating service, finding any electrical, cable or data lines, water, gas and other pipes that may be lurking under your property, and making it safe for you to dig.

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Leak Detection Albany OR
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