Leak Detection Bend OR

Pipeline Leak Detection Bend OR

Plumbing Leak Detection
Considering that water lines are normally buried underground, underneath floorboards or behind walls, finding the specific area of a leak for repair service presents significant issues. Short of calling upon Superman to use his x-ray vision, your only choice is to dig and dismantle your property in search of it. Fortunately technology has advanced so we no longer need superman, or to commit expensive damages, or to allow a water leak to do all the damage itself. Innovative Leak Detection brings the most sophisticated technology offered to accurately locate your water leak in a completely non-invasive way. And not even kryptonite can stop us! Call us immediately if you think or understand there is a water leak in your home or company.

Plastic Pipe Location Bend OR

Creating much more problems, just as technology advanced to locate hidden water leaks in metal pipelines, increasingly more pipes were being developed from plastic (PVC) cloaking water leaks once again in virtual invisibility.

The solution has shown up and Innovative Leak Detection possesses one of the most sophisticated plastic pipeline finding systems in the area. Call us on to accurately locate plastic pipelines of all kinds and save yourself a ton of time and cash.

Ground Fault Location Bend OR

Like water leaks, hidden electrical shorts present many of the exact same locating issues. It’s not needed to re-wire your system. We can find underground electrical faults with terrific accuracy, making it possible to fix even more easily and with less time & expenditure.

Finding Personal Utilities Bend OR

Home laws determine that any utility lines past the meter on your property are under your ownership and hence considered personal. For this reason free public services providing to locate underground utility lines such as gas, water, electrical, cable, phone and information, will only locate as far as your meters. We provide finding for all of your “personal” utility lines, guaranteeing both your physical and financial safety whenever you plan to dig.

Gas Leak Detection & Location Bend OR

If you have a known gas leak or have a recently buried gas line that did not pass assessment by means of pressure screening, give us a call! Underground gas pipe leaks can be precisely found in much the very same method as water pipe leaks using a Tracer Gas. We can locate any unwanted gas line leak with services are non invasive and not devastating to your home. Tracer gasses utilized for leak detection are non combustible and entirely safe.

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Leak Detection Bend OR
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