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Apartment & Condo Leak Detection Brush Prairie WAA water pipe with a leak can create larger problems if left uncorrected. In addition to the added expense of elevated water bills, if ignored for too long the leaking water can cause severe damage to your residence, business or property. Sometimes water pipes are buried deep underground, beneath concrete sidewalks and driveways.behind walls or under floors. Without knowing the exact location of a hidden leak, damages created trying to find it can be the worst of all! This is what Innovative Leak Detection specializes in.accurately pin-pointing the leak where ever it might be hiding so you can have it repaired without the added damages usually created just to find it. We use non-invasive methods and technologies specifically designed for pipe leak locating without causing any disruption to your property.this is why Innovative Leak Detection is your qualified specialist.

Qualified Leak Detection Services and More in Brush Prairie Washington

We utilize the most current technologies and tools used in our industry. Innovative Leak Detection is your best source when it comes to locating hidden or otherwise unseen pipe leaks and more. We take great pride in making sure every locate is accurate and clearly marked for repair. As a plumbing support company we can also help with referrals to some of the best local plumbers who can offer the most cost effective and long term repair solutions.

Plastic Pipe Locating Services

Pipes made of plastic materials cannot be located using traditional electromagnetic locating methods. We are equipped with the industries best technologies for sonic locating these buried plastic pipes (installed without a trace wire). Give Innovative Leak Detection a call for help with locating plastic pipes in Brush Prairie!

Private Utility Locating in Brush Prairie WA

All underground utilities installed after a service meter i.e.; gas, power, water, cable etc. are not located by the free 811 call before you dig services. If you are planning to dig in Brush Prairie, give Innovative Leak Detection a call for help locating any existing private utilities. We are highly equipped with newest technologies to locate any private utilities that may be lurking below. With all locating work we are careful to additionally scan using inductive methods on all proposed dig areas in search of metallic conductors (metal pipes or wires) that might be present and yet missed for any reason. We can also locate drain & sewer lines using push rods & transmitters at your request!

Ground Fault Locating

Innovative Leak Detection is additionally equipped to locate underground electrical faults. Just like a water pipe leak, if replacing the entire line seems the only option because of not knowing the exact location of the problem, give us a call! We use several proven technologies and can offer the cost effective support you need.

Give us a call for all your Water Leak Detecting, Private Utility, Plastic Pipe & Electrical Ground Fault Locating solutions.

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