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Plumbing Leak Detection Services

Slab Leak Detection Camas WAA hidden water pipe leak beneath your property can be one of the most costly problems a home or business owner can have. In addition to elevated water bills, if left uncorrected, the leaking water can create even more costly damages to your property. Even worse is often the damages created while trying to find it.digging where a leak “might” be hiding.

Innovative Leak Detection is equipped with technologies used to locate these leaks with great accuracy with completely non-invasive methods that are safe to your property and existing landscapes. We are always ready to help you or your plumber by accurately locating pipe leaks no matter where they may be hiding on your property and saving you from the many headaches & costs of misguided guesses, water bills or even the cost of replacing the entire pipe if seen as the only solution

Private Utilities Locating

All utilities installed beyond a service meter are considered as “Private Utilities” and are not located by the free 811 call before you dig services. These utilities can include everything from power to gas, cable, phone, water.etc. It’s important to know where these are located before you plan to dig. Innovative Leak Detection is highly equipped to help keep you and your private utilities safe! Give us a call for valuable help in locating any privately owned utilities that might be lurking beneath your property.

Underground Electric Fault Locating

Underground wires can fail from a variety of reasons however just like a water pipe leak, knowing it’s exact location can safe big dollars as opposed to replacing the entire service. We use many of the same technologies used by Puget Sound Energy and can accurately locate any underground electrical fault for you.

Plastic Pipe Locating

Locating plastic water pipes installed without a trace wire can be nearly impossible without the right technologies. Innovative Leak Detection utilizes sonic technologies with great success for locating these otherwise impossible to locate pipes. Give us a call if you are in need of help locating underground plastic water pipes.

Gas Leak Locating

If you have a known gas leak or have a newly buried gas line that did not pass inspection via pressure testing, give us a call! Underground gas pipe leaks can be accurately located in much the same way as water pipe leaks by using a Tracer Gas. We can locate any unwanted gas line leak with services that are non-invasive and non-destructive to your property, and the gases used are completely safe.

Refrigerant Leak Detection Services

We can provide valuable support to HVAC professional by helping to locate leaks in refrigerant lines. Equipped with all the right tools and latest technology, our services are experienced, cost-effective and efficient. When it comes to difficult to find refrigerant leaks, give Innovative Leak Detection a call!

Give us a call for Camas Water Leak Detecting, Private Utility, Plastic Pipe & Electrical Ground Fault Locating solutions.

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