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Plumbing Leak DetectionWe have invested in the most advanced tools available to locate any invisible plumbing leak, electrical short and other utility issues that may develop on your property. Each service is designed to save you money and stress and the task of finding any water pipe leak comes with our service guarantee!

Professional Leak Detection & Pipe Locating

With rare exception, water pipes are designed to be “out of sight, out of mind” while doing their normal job for us. This is as it should be until a leak develops. Finding a leak can be so difficult that replacing and re-routing the entire plumbing system is often seen as the only available option. But this is not so! New technology allows us to pinpoint the exact location of pipe leaks, even if they are buried deep underground. Our leak location services is guaranteed. Ask for details! We can also help with Clakamas pluming contractor referrals to help repair things and get you back in shape.

Private Utility Locating Services

If you plan on digging anywhere on your property you should know ahead of time where any potential utility lines are located, such as gas, water, power, phone, cable and data. The free municipal locating services will not cover areas past your meters. All utilities located beyond that are considered private and thus your responsibility. Keep both yourself and your wallet safe from damaged utility lines! Call us for private utility locating services.

Ground Fault Location

If an electrical wire fails underground we have the ability to locate the short as well! No need to replace the entire line. Call us for ground fault locating services.

Plastic Pipe Locating

Plastic or PVC type pipes are outside the ordinary purview conventional pipe locating equipment, but not for us! We have invested in the newest and most advanced plastic pipe location devices and are ready to help you when in need.

Give us a call for Clackamas Water Leak Detection, Private Utility, Plastic Pipe & Electrical Ground Fault Locating solutions.

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Leak Detection Clackamas OR
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