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Property Management Leak DetectionIf you suspect a water leak on your property, whether commercial, residential or municipal, call us for locating service to find out for sure. If you know you have a water pipe leak but don’t know where exactly it is, we are your professional locating source. Locating water pipe leaks and that not immediately visible require the right tools and technology, the right training and methods and a lot of experience. Simple Leak Detection brings all of these to the job, no matter where your leak might be hiding, or what kind of property you own. Since we regularly work with area plumbers, we can also assist you with are plumber referrals for the best repairs.

Plastic Pipe Locator Sherwood, OR

Conventional water leak and pipe locating tools were designed with pipes made of various metals in mind. This makes them ineffective in locating the newer pipes made of plastic or PVC type materials. In our effort to keep up to date with the latest and most advanced technologies we have invested in one of the most advanced plastic pipe location devices in the area – capable of tracing plastic water pipes wherever they may be on your property.

Private Utility Line Locating Sherwood, OR

Private utilities are water and gas pipes, electrical lines, data and cable lines, etc. that are located on your privately owned property past their meters. When utilities are considered private they are outside the jurisdiction of the free 811 utility locating service. We offer services to locate any and all private utilities on or about your property, to help keep you safe and save you potential money in damages or injury when digging.

Electrical Wire Shorts – Ground Fault Locating

There are many reasons why a electrical wire might fail underground, but it not necessary to replace the entire line. We can locate ground faults with precision, offering you the much more cost-effective option of repairing the original electrical line.

Give us a call for Sherwood Water Leak Detecting, Private Utility, Plastic Pipe & Electrical Ground Fault Locating solutions.

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Leak Detection Sherwood OR
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