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Slab Leak DetectionFinding an underground or otherwise hidden water leak requires the right tools, skills and experience. But it’s a service that can save you literally thousands of dollars in potential damages to your home or property – whether from water damage itself, or from opening up walls, dismantling floors or digging up property trying to find where it might be. At simply Leak Detection we have invested in the right equipment for the job and are all call to locate your leaks quickly, pinpointing them for quick repair. Once located we can also help with referrals to the best area plumbing contractors to make things right again. Call us first if you suspect a leak!

Plastic Water Pipe Locating Service

We are equipped with one of the only plastic pipe location devices in the region, capable of finding non-metallic or PVC type pipes if the need arises. Call us for service in Tualatin!

Electric Ground Fault Location Service

Much like a water pipe leak, an electrical wire short or failure underground may seem so difficult to locate that replacing the entire line is seen as the only realistic solution. Not when you call us! We are able to accurately locate electrical ground faults for quickest and easiest repair. We can also help you with a referral to the best electrician for the job.

Private Utility Locating Service

Utilities such as water, gas, electricity, phone, cable, data are considered “private” if they are beyond the meter on your property. Therefore when digging on your property any utility lines you encounter may be considered your responsibility and will also not be located with a “call before you dig” service. If you are planning to dig on your property call us to accurately locate any and all private utilities that might be waiting for you on your Tualatin property.

Give us a call for Tualatin Water Leak Detecting, Private Utility, Plastic Pipe & Electrical Ground Fault Locating solutions.

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Leak Detection Tualatin OR
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