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Identifying apartment leaks isn’t really just as simple as identifying a dripping faucet. Silent leaks that happen in toilets, hot water heaters, walls and floors are the most damaging and expensive things that can occur on a property. The worst part is that you generally have no idea these leaks are happening up until you get a considerably expensive water bill and need to absorb the cost.

Apartment leaks are among those repairs that require being identified early and looked after ASAP or the damage could be seriously expensive. Water leaks can also create a cause and effect of issues from bubbled up paint to larger problems like mold and mildew.

Typical Indications of an Apartment Leak

Significantly Larger Water Costs
A bigger leakage can increase your bill by $50-100. Hot water will certainly add up quicker than cold water so if the costs jumps up in a short period of time, look at these sources.

This is another reason it is essential to look over your water expense each month and to have a leakage repaired sooner as opposed to later on.

Water Spots
If piping behind a wall or above the ceiling is leaking, a water spot will certainly form or the wallpaper or paint will begin to bubble up. Puddles below pipes are also apparent indications of a leakage.

Water Meter
Even if your meters are not equipped with a leakage detector, looking at the dial while all the faucets are turned off can indicate whether you have a leakage.

Places to Try to find Leaks

The top place to inspect for an apartment leak is around the toilet. Look around the pipes coming out of the wall and listen for running water, which can be happening in the tank or the toilet bowl.

Under the Sink
Take an look in the cabinets below your kitchen and bathroom sinks. While running the faucet, visually inspect and feel around the pipes to see if any moisture is escaping, pay close attention to connection points. Take a look at the bottom portion of the cabinet to see if a water puddle has formed.

Two common places leaks can form in a faucet is at the base where it hooks into the piping and at the nozzle where the water comes out. These are typically the most easy to spot leaks considering that you can readily see the water dripping out when the faucet isn’t turned on.

Around Home appliances
Dishwashers and other washing devices are potential sources of rather substantial apartment leaks. Check the base of the machine as well as around and behind it for moisture.

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