Municipal Leak Detection

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Our professionals supply complete municipal leak detection on water circulation systems utilizing cutting edge devices, consisting of sophisticated technology. When hidden leaks go undetected, the issue threatens facilities, your utility expenses increase significantly and repair works become more expensive.

Advantages of Municipal Leak Detection

Reduce non-revenue water
Save money on manufacturing costs such as pumping rates and raw water treatment.

Minimize liability
Stop damage to streets, other underground utilities and basements from circulation system leakage.

Decrease repair costs
Precise electronic detection of leaks, even when water is appearing, can decrease the expense of repairs. Many have gone after emerging water in the past, just to find the leak 25 or even 200 feet away. Innovative Leak Detection can help you conserve labor, equipment, time and materials.

Avoid system contamination
Leaks can, under particular high flow conditions such as hydrant use, in fact siphon infected groundwater into the leaking water pipes. No one wants to issue a boil order for their municipal water system.

Test both sides of the meter
Specialists will test your distribution system and your customers’ service lines. It’s good business practice for you and a great service for your consumers.

Innovative Leak Detection can handle any Municipal Leak Detection needs you may have. Contact us now for more information – 503-536-1199

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