Slab Leak Detection

Slab Leak Detection

Exactly what is a slab leak?

It’s a leak that happens in the pipes under the concrete Slab of the house. It can also occur in piping that runs underneath a driveway. These sorts of leaks are especially unsafe due to the fact that they can deteriorate the foundation of your house.

Can I Perform a Slab Leak Detection Myself?

Slab leak detection is only recommended to be performed by a skilled professional technician from Innovative Leak Detection. Attempting a slab leak detection without the proper tools or knowledge can result in thousands of dollars of damage to your property. If you need to have a leak located, please call us and save yourself the trouble.


Exactly what triggers a slab leak?

There are a number of reasons these kinds of leaks happen.

Faulty setup
If the pipelines are set up poorly or contractors harm the pipelines, the pipes may be jeopardized, but leaks might not show up up for years.

Ground motion
If the house is constructed on a graded or filled lot, gradually, the slab might move in addition to the piping below your home which can cause them to leak or fracture.

Copper pipings respond to temperature level change by expanding and contracting. When this occurs if they enter contact with abrasive things this can eventually cut into the pipeline.

Water and dirt can trigger the pipings to wear away which can lead to a leak.
The signs of a slab leak might or could not be visible. You may hear water running even after it has actually been shut off. There could be warm or damp spots on the floor. You may discover that your water costs have increased.

Finding your slab leak

Breaking into a slab or pool deck without positive confirmation of a leak location is inappropriate. Don’t let any person dismantle your property just to search for leaks. Discovering a slab leak requires a comprehensive procedure with technical expertise.

Finding leaks non-destructively means using modern tools such as electronic amplification equipment and electro-magnetic pipeline locators. With the correct equipment, leaks can be discovered and repaired with very little interruption to property. Oftentimes, only a single floor tile requires to be removed and replaced.

Just how much water are you losing?

The best possible way to figure out just how much water you are losing is by running the “Meter Test”.

This test must be performed for a 30 minute duration, throughout which no water is being used on the property

The Meter Test

  1. Discover your water meter, which is usually found in front of your house in a protected box near the street
  2. Jot down the numbers indicated on the meter
  3. Return to inspect the meter reading after Thirty Minutes have passed
  4. If the numbers have not changed, you do not have a leak in your pressurized water system
  5. If the numbers have changed:
  6. Turn off all water valves in your house, and repeat steps 1-4
  7. If the numbers have shifted, this shows water consumption although water was not being made use of during the test, and you might require a leak detection

Innovative Leak Detection offers the highest quality slab leak detection services around. Call now and schedule today! 503-536-1199.

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