Utility Location

Private Utility Location

What is Private Utility Location?

Utility location involves seeking out private Utilities, which are the buried lines that are installed after the meter or main lines. If you have a curbside meter then your home will certainly not get marked by the local utility locators. Other buried utilities that normally are not marked include but are not be limited to: sewage system lines, personal lighting, sprinklers, fire mains, secondary electrical lines to detached garages, and septic lines.

Whether you are adding on to your house, installing sprinklers or just planting a tree it’s incredibly important that you have professional utility locating done prior to digging. Pipes are laid underground, behind walls, and under foundations and cement. When it pertains to pipeline location, the procedure can be almost impossible without the right tools and know-how. Automated phone services don’t always inform you about every pipeline underground, we’ll make sure that it’s safe to dig anywhere you have to. Our private utility location services make it easy, quick, and affordable for you ensure that you will not be running in to any problems when you start your next construction, excavation or landscaping project.

Septic Tank location

Most septic tanks can be found by a signal produced by a flushed transmitter that is specifically created for septic tank locating. Understanding the location of your septic tank is important for carrying out upkeep on the tank. Homeowners need to locate their septic tank so they can detect any early signs of problems with the septic tank.

Water Service Line Location

The majority of water service lines are non-metallic and non-traceable by traditional electronic methods unless a tracer wire is used in addition to the set up. If you do not know where your water line is located and need to know where it is, we can find it (metallic or non-metallic, with or without tracer wire) and mark its location for you.

Information Regarding Private Utilities

    • All buried utilities are considered “private” if they are installed after a service meter
    • If a meter is located at the street, all forward lines & service to the home are private utilities
    • Private utilities can be hidden/buried anywhere to support swimming pools, hot tubs, detached garage lighting, irrigation, propane or other gas services to houses and even BBQs & heating amenities on an outside outdoor patio.
    • A Private utility Location is crucial prior to setting up a fence, lawn sprinkler, or even planting a tree!

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